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Miss Bliss: Keeping the pimp hand strong since 2010 :D

Dakota Bliss is Offline

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Dakota Bliss


About Me

Age: 22
Birthday: July 13th
Sign: Cancer
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Joined: 2010-10-08 03:59:13
Languages: English
Location: GA

My Appearance

Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Weight: 45kg (99lbs)
Height: 152cm (5ft 0in)
Breasts: B Cup
Pubic Hair: Trimmed
Body Type: Slim
Body Mods: Piercings, Tattoo(s)

About Me

Photo of Dakota Bliss Photo of Dakota Bliss Photo of Dakota Bliss Photo of Dakota Bliss Photo of Dakota Bliss

My Fetishes

Breast Play, Sugar Daddy, Nipple Play, Bondage, Spanking

My Sex Toys

Vibrator, Strap-on, Glass Dildo, Paddle

Role Playing

French Maid/Client, Dirty Talk, Master/Slave, Boss / Secretary, Service Worker/Housewife, Student/Teacher

Recent Reviews

FukkinLovePussy on December 6, 2011:   Dakota, sweet, lovely, witty, wonderful Dakota. She's loads of fun in open chat, and will help you with a different load of fun in private. She's the quintessential girl next door, every man's fantasy.

Come one, come all, and join the Dakota Legion!

<3 Miss Bliss

CRAZYBILL1 on December 5, 2011:   dakota, a fantasy like no other! sweet, always the perfect lady, smart, sexy, and i'm sure she could out cook me! i'm gonna miss her so much!sorry my recipes suck, but, well, they are not near as good as you my friend!will always be there for you dakota!, bill

SantaCumsF4F on December 1, 2011:   Have a ball as December rolls in with Dakota Bliss !
Makes everyday fun like Christmas :)

john59820 on November 27, 2011:   sweet , lovely and always smiled face

Amanda_Fucking_Palmer on November 26, 2011:   Dakota is a lovely friend, as able as any, and in many ways more so, to fill your time with fun and good conversation. I enjoy her company immensely. (kisses)

HolidayBliss on November 25, 2011:   Tis the season of Dakota Bliss ,
Hurry Hurry Hurry here to see the Miss ,
Singing and Food and stories so fine ,
This is the room to realy relax and dine !

Tikcuf on November 20, 2011:   Dakota broke into the top 20 where she belongs (actually belongs at #1), and without changing anything she does other than adding a few hours per week working on here. She's the same wonderful, sweet lady, takes no nonsense, and her room is always lively and fun just to chat.

Take her behind that curtain to private, and she's the same, personality wise, but she pulls out ...

talcasious on November 17, 2011:   lovely woman knows what she is doing and how to handle her people on of the brightest and funyest i have met

talcasious on November 17, 2011:   wow

TigerWoodys on November 15, 2011:   Dakota's sun tan is fading ; her personality burns bright as always .
Hotter than Hardee's Cinnamon Bisquits and wetter than Sweet Tea :P

NathanJules on November 15, 2011:   she is lovely

kainreaver on November 14, 2011:   very hot sweet geniune and has some great artwork

Tikcuf on November 13, 2011:   Once you go Dakota, you never go back to the other models!

Witty, sweet, beautiful, sexy, lots of fun in open and in private. Take a ride on the Bliss train and you'll be glad you did!

poolcleaner on November 8, 2011:   Dakota is a great, great gal. One of the best on here.

LickaU on November 5, 2011:   Dakota Bliss puts wOOOhOOO in the Weekend and everyday .
Easy to talk to and get to know .
Talk about food , life , the weather , or even sex .
This is the ONE you will become addicted too .

joker66 on November 5, 2011:   So sweet, so beautiful, and so clandestinely dirty. A triple threat, to be sure.

tontoslave on November 4, 2011:   shes aight...

kainreaver on November 4, 2011:   was a beautiful site to see shame all i had was creds for voy

Your_Butterfly on November 4, 2011:   a sweet smile, a lovely set of shoulders and neck, brunette (YUM), quick wit and an endearing tilt to the mouth.

Tikcuf on November 3, 2011:   Dakota, Dakota, Dakota...with my limited vocabulary I'm running out of superlatives for you m'lady.

There can't be enough good said about the wonderful and lovely Miss Bliss. She's as sweet as can be, fun to chat with in open as much as private. And of course, behind that closed curtain in private, LOOK OUT! You better strap in and hope you took your vitamins.

My Best Recorded Shows

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Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show - Part 2
Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show - Part 2
Flirty fun
Flirty fun
Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show
Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show
Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show - Part 2
Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show - Part 2
Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show
Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show
Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show
Dakota Bliss Private Webcam Show